Managed IT Services

Your IT Guys don't LIKE it in the Basement?

Well, our guys really enjoy the cool dark environment down there, but we can't keep them off reddit, facebook, etc unless they have something to do, and you probably need to reclaim your basement space anyway... so why not just let Delvingware manage your IT infrastructure?

There really is not any substitute for experience in the IT industry, and our team members were the ones getting around firewalls in middle school, setting up small server clusters for data hosting in high school, and begging hackers to try to infiltrate their networks in college - you should see what they can do now!

Have a look at the IT solutions that we offer on the right and give us a call to discuss your needs. We'll take care of your network, hardware and data as if it were our own and make sure you are running as efficiently as possible.

Enterprise IT Management

Infrastructure Design & Implementation

Your IT infrastructure is the foundation for keeping your business running in today's connected, data dependant world. Without an efficient, reliable network of workstations, servers, phones, etc, many enterprises simply shut down. The second the data stops, the money stops too. Sales don't come in, quotes don't go out, shipments aren't completed and clients start wondering why you haven't gotten back to them or why you're not answering the phones.

If you don't have a proper infrastructure in place, or if the current one hasn't been updated in years, it is only a matter of time before it either goes down or is compromised in some way.

Delvingware's IT team has experience with large and small networks and can provide complete solutions from ground up design to migrations and upgrades. In addition, we also offer all of the below solutions, which can be integrated into your infrastructure at any point along the way.

Network Security

The growth of malicious activity on the networks of the world is rapid and unforgiving. If your data isn't secure, specifically if it contains user information that your clients are relying on you to keep safe, the consequences of a network security breach could be catastrophic for everyone involved. Contact us for a network security audit or overhaul, and let us help you secure your information.

Hardware & Software Support

To stay at the forefront of technology, your company's hardware and software needs to be standardized, maintained, and upgraded on a regular basis. Having everyone in the office using different versions of operating systems, internet browsers, antivirus software, and office suites, to name a few, is a logistics nightmare when your internal and external systems need to receive, display and process data in a standardized fashion. You also run the risk of security vulnerabilities when using software and hardware that is no longer supported.

Delvingware can manage all your internal hardware and software, from servers to workstations and beyond. Give us a call to discuss your challenges and goals for your office(s).

Virtual Office Solutions

Does your company hate being restrained to a traditional office space? Do your employees work better in coffee shops or from home, or do they travel frequently and need secure, but complete access to internal files and systems? We can help.

The 'virtual office of the future' is now a reality. From secure connections to the office from anywhere to complete virtual workstations hosted on the cloud, we can provide a solution that untethers your enterprise while allowing complete and secure access.

Business Intelligence & Reporting

In today's economy, you simply cannot be too efficient or productive, and every company out there is analyzing and re-analyzing every KPI and metric they can think of to squeeze out that extra 1% that will put them on top. It is a tough race, but there are some great solutions you may not be aware of to gather, analyze and display your data in comprehensible and manageable ways.

At Delvingware, we know data, and through the years we have developed systems with millions of measurable metrics, but only in recent years have we been able to truly offer our clients a solution that meaningfully and effectively collates and presents all of that data in a way that can be truly utilized to its full potential.

Enterprise Sharepoint Solutions

Interested in a Sharepoint solution but don't know where to start? We know there is a lot to digest, and many services to go through, but we're here to guide you along the way. Give us a call or shoot us an email and we can discuss the best solution for your enterprise.

Sharepoint Services
  • Company Portals & Intranets
  • InfoPath Form Development
  • Custom Website Platforms
  • Business Intelligence Reporting
  • Enterprise Dashboards
  • and more...

Data Storage, Backups & Management

Is your data secure? Efficient? Accessible? Redundant? Unfragmented? Very few enterprises can can answer yes to all of these questions, but that is OK, because behind all of Delvingware's services lies the collective desire to redefine the essence of data technologies, connections and systems. With that, we are well versed in the following data storage, backup and management solutions. Lets get your data into shape.

  • Data Warehousing
  • Data Backups
  • Co-Location Services
  • Database Administration
    • SQL
    • Oracle
    • SyBase

Hosting Solutions

Need a robust, custom hosting solution for your website, applications, databases or E-mail?

Let us customize a plan that meets your needs now, and into the future.


Delvingware's mission is to provide top notch enterprise solutions in the software development, web design & development, online marketing and managed IT space.

Our team of Developers and Online Marketing Professionals have what it takes and are waiting for your challenge.